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On and Off Again…

I am back, but there are several issues that needs to be fixed…including one that is keeping me from a full comeback on this website.

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Lacking Updates?

The lack of updates in this blog is something I have little control over thanks to the poor internet (dubbed “turtlenet” from here on out) of our country. But that doesn’t mean I can’t give updating this blog a try.

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Attitude Makes A Big Difference

An oratorical piece I wrote as a favor. Talks about the importance of having the right attitude and how it can affect your life.

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Back to Drawing

So, last Christmas, my mom and dad surprised me in giving me a Graphics Tablet. I wasn’t expecting it, though I had it written as one of the items in my Christmas Wishlist (for a couple of years now, too).

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Impart Dignity and Self-Worth!

  Which virtuous behavior will still be required in Heaven? Courage? No.  There will be nothing to fear in Heaven. Hope? No.  We will have all that we desire. Faith? No.  We will be in the presence of the Source of our

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