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The Ruler of Time

Detective Conan File 764

DCTP really is uber fast with their translations.  Just a day after the release of the 764th chapter (or file) for the acclaimed manga series Detective Conan, they have already translated and distributed the chapter.  Kudos to them! Anyways, this

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Sacrifice — Naruto Chapter 480 Up Now!!

Weekly Shonen Jump

Have you ever been so into reading so much that you wished all time would stop and that you could just read and read some more? Have you ever been so into what you are reading that you can’t help but imagine yourself as part of that story, living amongst the characters and that everything you were reading was somehow true?

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479 & 389: WSJ Naruto and Bleach Updates

Weekly Shonen Jump

Friday once again and, it seems that this week is the most eventful week I had in this current year. Although, the year has only just begun so I can’t really say for certain that it is the most eventful week. Anyways, chapter 479th of Naruto entitled, “Izanagi” and chapter 389 of Bleach, entitled, “Winged Eagles 2? is now available for download at the VIS Downloads Page or for reading at the VIS OMV.

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The Return of WSJ

Weekly Shonen Jump

After two weeks of non-WSJ updates, we finally get to read the newest chapters of our favorite manga. Bleach and Naruto chapters 388 and 478 are now available for download in our newly improved VIS Downloads Page. Also, Bleach, Naruto and

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"Do Not Speak to Me of Itachi!"

Well, as I have informed everyone early yesterday, the newest manga chapters of Naruto, Bleach and One Piece (as well as the other Shounen Jump mangas) have been leaked.  As such, thanks to our friends at SleepyFans, we now have

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