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Burn It Down


Nope, I’m not asking people to torch stuff. This is actually the name of a song that came out on the 16th of this month. The first time I heard it, my reaction was “Freaking AWESOME !!!!”. ‘Burn It Down’

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Day 11: I Refuse

I’ve been pretty slow with posts regarding the challenge, but…I have to say that my song choices are a lot better than the previous cycle.  Well, only because the songs that are being features (for the past few days, at

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Day 10: Outcast

Fitting in.  It’s one of the hardest thing to do, especially now in a world where people are a whole lot meaner than they used to be.  Unless you are one of them, or one of the “in crowd” you’re

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Day 9: How You Live (Turn Up The Music)

Ah, that was quite a long hiatus for the second cycle of our Hundred Days of Music challenge.  But, I’m glad to finally be back to keep the ball rolling. For our ninth day, I’ve decided to go with a

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Day 7: We Pray For You

You know what’s really amazing? It’s when people of different race and ethnicity come together to help those in need. It’s when the barriers of one’s color and ancestry fail and all that matters is that work of charity. It

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