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Day 6: “One Man Disney Movie”

Welcome to Day 6 of the Hundred Days of Music Challenge…having said that, and having already chosen what today’s song would be, I couldn’t help but notice how 3 of my previous choices have all been from YouTube–original song, or

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Day 5: ‘The Ellen Song’

Welcome to Day 5 of our Hundred Days of Music challenge.  I don’t really have any particular reason why I chose today’s song, only that it was cool and funny and catchy and I have no idea what the real title

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Day 4: My Own Little World

So, after a short hiatus, I’m back with the second cycle of the hundred days of music challenge. For Day 4, I decided to go with Matthew West and his song, My Own Little World. I suppose you all know

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Day 3: Waiting for a Sloth

One of the things I love to watch is The Ellen Show which, of course, is the talk show hosted by none other than Ellen DeGeneres.  With all honesty, I can say that I am a huge Ellen DeGeneres fan.  I

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Day 2: Tough

If you really do know me, you know not to ask me what kind of music I like.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what music I love listening to.  It’s not hard to find a song from

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