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Is This Still BLEACH?! …And, Naruto Update.

Bleach and Naruto Manga Updates

While our city is having some political troubles and while I’m freaking annoyed at the fact that my stupid inFamous PS3 game download is still not downloading (freaking stupid download!  It’s not like I’m downloading it illegal. I do have a

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New Bleach and Naruto Chapters UP!

Bleach and Naruto Manga Updates

Okay, so while I am prepping up for the “Not-so-BIG Surprise”, I’m happy to announce (somewhat) that the latest chapters of BLEACH and Naruto are up on our Online Manga Viewer. I won’t go and spoil what happens in this

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Naruto 525 and Bleach 434

Bleach 434

Well, it seems that I am still not used to not relying on SleepyFans even when it is already clear that they would no longer scanlate manga.  I have gotten so used to posting WSJ updates that I have forgotten

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Fare Thee Well, SleepyFans (Plus Naruto 524)

Naruto 524 Things I want to protect

It’s a pretty sad day for the scanlation world, and for the many fans of SleepyFans who had been faithful to the said scanlation group for so long.  Today, SleepyFans has finally announced that they are leaving the scanlation scene.

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Sacrifice — Naruto Chapter 480 Up Now!!

Weekly Shonen Jump

Have you ever been so into reading so much that you wished all time would stop and that you could just read and read some more? Have you ever been so into what you are reading that you can’t help but imagine yourself as part of that story, living amongst the characters and that everything you were reading was somehow true?

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