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Now On Wattpad

I finally gave in and did as they asked, signing up as an author willing to share her story there. And what story did I decide to share there? A short companion piece of a story for my videogame project, Chronicles of Endlessia.

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Second Round of Beta-Reading for Winged

Winged, Book 1: The Awakening cover

The second round of beta-reading for “Winged: The Awakening” has begun. To those who were beta-readers before (and who had managed to send me their review) please contact me as to obtain the edited draft of the book for beta-reading.

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A “Winged” Novel Update

Winged, Book 1: The Awakening cover

Alright a little bit of update on the novel I am working on… So I am still busy working on the first book of the Winged series.  I’ve finished writing the rough draft of the whole thing a couple of

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Chapter I: Raindrops in the Sunny Sky

Moon Butterfly

I did not know what to think any more.  I didn’t even know if what I was witnessing, or what I have witnessed was real.  I kept wishing that it wasn’t real but I knew that it was.  I saw

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Tsuki no Chou no Densetsu

I have finally decided on the title and the story of the first ever Blog Novel here in Sakura no Kokoro.  The title I’ve come up with is Tsuki no Chou no Densetsu.

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