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The World Envisioned By Prayer

  Both a major thoroughfare in Tel Aviv and a bridge that spans the Jordan River are named in honor of Viscount Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby, a British soldier.  As commander of the Egyptian Expeditionary Forces, he outwitted and defeated

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Faith In Prayer

Guest Posting Hernandez Praying

Imagine this. You’re the center of attraction in a jammed packed stadium full of 90,000 screaming people. All of a sudden you kneel down in prayer and start thanking God for what you have. Now I ask you, how many

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And the Angels Were Silent: He Chose YOU

Holy Week

Thursday night.  Midnight. The week has been full of finalities.  The final visit to the temple.  The final sermon.  The final supper.  And now, the most emotional hour of the week, the final prayer. The garden is in shadows.  The olive

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