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Mugiwara Chase! A One Piece: Pirate Warriors Review

I have always enjoyed Dynasty Warriors-esque games where you are pitted against a stream of numerous opponents and you have to defeat all of them, mashing buttons up like there’s no tomorrow with whatever weapon your character is equipped with.

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Manga and Other Updates

Well, I know I should have posted something after Christmas, but, a lot has happened since that day and we’ve just been back from Manila.

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Uncharted and Trophies

One of the interesting features that the Sony PS3 has that makes gamers strive for a 100% completion to games is the PS3 Trophies.  Each User Account in the PS3 system has their own list of trophies that they strive

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The Law of… PS3!

PlayStation 3

Okay, so I have been saving up money for a while now on a lot of things but, the roster of  my list of ‘What I Want’  just skyrocketed the moment the Playstation 3 (commonly referred to as the PS3)

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