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The Sun, Moon and Stars

About a week or so ago, my dad gave me a call. It was just after our lunch break and I had just finished eating my share of lunch and was about to return to work when I got the

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Chapter 56 of RotM UP!

Well, I think I was able to hold onto my promise of delivering another Rabbit on the Moon update with this newest chapter, chapter 56: “The Fang That Wants Blood”.

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RotM Chapter UPDATE!!

After months and months of no Rabbit on the Moon updates, I have finally done it and updated the fanfic for everyone’s reading pleasure.  The chapter is readable in its usual place, which is, of course, FFN, for everyone who

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No Chapter Updates This Friday!

It’s Thursday once again and I know how hyped up most of you are now that Friday is just around the corner and since I have made it customary for me to upload fanfic chapters every Friday. However, this Friday there would be NO RotM and CoT:CW chapter updates.

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RotM Chapter Up

After not having been able to update the fanfics last week, I am finally able to do so.  However, this chapter is not as long as my longest chapter a couple of weeks back, but this certainly goes along the

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