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A Vase and a Cat

Detective Conan Case 776

The new case file for Detective Conan is now up.  I haven’t read it yet, so you guys would get to read it first.  Thanks to that, I also do not have any idea what’s in store for us in

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Oaths and Trainings and…Bombs?

I won’t keep this long, I’m just going to post this to let everyone know that the 533rd and 442nd chapters of Naruto and BLEACH are now up and available for reading on our Online Manga Viewer Page.  Not only

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Another Food Poisoning Case?

File 766 Ramen and Poison

DCTP has done it again.  We have the latest Detective Conan case file just a day (or two depending on how you look at it) after it’s Japanese publication.  This week’s file is the 766th of the series and is

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The Ghost of Time

Detective Conan 763 The Ghost of Time

A big mystery envelops Conan as the culprit–the person who killed the mistress in the most recent Detective Conan case–leaves no clues as to how he/she managed to kill the mistress. In the most recent manga chapter–entitled: “The Ghost of

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A New Case: Like Clockwork

Detective Conan 762: The Watchman of Time

After a couple of weeks of having to deal with cases featuring Conan with the Detective Boys, we finally get to see Mouri and Ran again in action (along with Conan, of course!). This new case: Like Clockwork,  is–as you

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