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Day 62: Can’t Keep My Hands Off You


Simple Plan. The first band I have ever liked.  The first band that I really bought an album of.  The first band that I had almost killed my speakers after listening to their albums over and over and over and

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A Quick Deduction: Nickname Rules

The newest Detective Conan case file is now available for online reading via our Online Manga Viewer. This week’s chapter-slash-file is fills us in with the case and why the victim’s sister believes that his sister was murdered and that

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Another Food Poisoning Case?

File 766 Ramen and Poison

DCTP has done it again.  We have the latest Detective Conan case file just a day (or two depending on how you look at it) after it’s Japanese publication.  This week’s file is the 766th of the series and is

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The Ruler of Time

Detective Conan File 764

DCTP really is uber fast with their translations.  Just a day after the release of the 764th chapter (or file) for the acclaimed manga series Detective Conan, they have already translated and distributed the chapter.  Kudos to them! Anyways, this

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Wolf-Crier Detective Conan Case Closed!

The Truth of the Karuta Cards

The most recent Detective Conan case–Wolf Crier–is now closed (No pun intended on the title, though) and it only took three chapters to do it.  I suppose this being a Detective Boys case and being a “filler”, it was bound

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