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Breaking Through The Barrier! A New Naruto Chapter!

Naruto 536: Naruto Goes To War!

“Naruto goes to war!”  That, perhaps, is what most readers of the manga series, Naruto, had been waiting anxiously to read.  And, after what seemed like forever, that’s exactly what the first panel of the manga read with the latest

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Iruka’s Persuasion

Catching a Glimpse...

Naruto is finally heading off to war!!  Unless, of course, someone else tries to stop him. Last week’s chapter showed Naruto and Iruka “facing off” as Iruka is the one charged with making sure that Naruto doesn’t get out of

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Weekly Shonen Jump: Naruto and Bleach Updates

Bleach: Keen Marker

So, I got delayed by a day (or maybe just a couple of hours) in uploading the newest chapters of BLEACH and Naruto.  So sorry about that.  I had a lot on my plate at the moment and didn’t have

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Golden Bonds

Naruto: Golden Bonds

This is really getting troublesome.  Having to update a blog post and telling you guys about the latest Naruto chapter when it isn’t even that good.  Granted, this week’s chapter: Golden Bonds, is much more interesting than the others it

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Naruto 525 and Bleach 434

Bleach 434

Well, it seems that I am still not used to not relying on SleepyFans even when it is already clear that they would no longer scanlate manga.  I have gotten so used to posting WSJ updates that I have forgotten

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