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The Secret World of Exams

Exams. Everyone hates them. Nuff said. Anyways, since I’m sitting for mine, I thought I’d share some of my experiences with you. There’s definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to exams. Still I’ve tried to make this

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Memories in the Rain

About 4 years and a couple of months ago, I transferred from Sacred Heart College to AMA Computer College. My parents, after thinking it through figured that the best school for me would be a school that really is all

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A Wonderful Day

After waiting patiently for the release of the 26th volume of TRC, and waiting for my copy of it to be delivered, It finally came! This day is turning out to be a great one thanks to the delivery of

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Countdown Continues…

Well, today, I finally managed to pay the Graduation Fees despite having fallen late in doing so. It’s a good thing I wasn’t reprimanded because of that, I am really thankful that our school registrar is very understanding in regards

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Schoolwork and Holic

Yatta! After what seems like eons of ardous work on making sure to complete all my requirements before the semester ends, I have finally, FINALLY, manage to complete all of my projects! I’m so happy and giddy that I almost

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