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A New Beginning for SnK!

It has been a long time since I updated my theme. And a long while since I last updated the WordPress base installation. A couple of weeks ago, Sakura no Kokoro (or SnK, for short) was still running under the

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Chronicles of Endlessia Teaser Unveiled!

A lot of time and effort was used just to make sure I can show everyone what I want to show them, to tell everyone want I want to tell them, and to let everyone catch a glimpse of the

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xxxHolic 190 and Other Things…

So, although xxxHolic normally updates during Mondays, we have for ourselves right now the newest chapter of the said series.  Like always, it held no title to represent itself.

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Prologue: Ruin and Creation

Moon Butterfly

Darkness. Infinite and eternal. The darkness with which I find myself confined in knows no bounds.  The feeling of emptiness reigns in the place.  I can hear nothing. Taste nothing. Feel nothing. See nothing.  My senses are nothing but devoid

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Chronicles of Endlessia OP Demo

It took me two days, albeit not two whole days, to finish the OP of the Chronicles of Endlessia game. Please note that you may not copy it, download it, post it anywhere else, and claim it as your own.

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