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“Vian Plays” Official July Schedule

I know I’ve made mention of this in my previous post, but this time, I’m making it official. If you haven’t already, I’ve made a video of this month’s new LPs on my Youtube Channel. If, for some reason, you

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“Let’s Play” Schedule

As you guys may already know (if you’re following me around my social media sites), I’ve started populating my YouTube Channel with “Let’s Play” (or in my case, “Vian Plays…”) videos. Some may be wondering (if it isn’t quite obvious

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Reach Out For The Truth! Persona 4: Golden Is My GotY!

Before I decided to save enough money to buy both a VITA and a 3DS, I had thought of only owning one or the other.  After all, the price for both handheld consoles isn’t a joke.  I could, literally, buy

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All Aboard the Ragnarok Odyssey Express!

When people hear the word ‘Ragnarok’ there are a couple of things that may come to their mind.  For one, there’s the Norse mythology origin of the word which pertains to the “end of the age of gods” where the

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I Sooo Hate Waiting…A List of 1st Quarter NA Releases!!

Video Games

2010 is the year of gaming — at least, that’s how I see it considering the number of amazing titles, not only those that are to be released in North America and Europe but even those that will forever remain in the shores of Japan with no hope of an international release unless a translation team works on it.

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