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Project Endlessia Website is Live!

I’ve finally done it.

After much deliberation–and with the help of a “slightly” faster internet (although it did take me hours just to upload my first post)–I have finally finished the Project Endlessia website!

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Just My Luck


I was pretty much grinning from ear to ear when we got back from the long vacation we had with our relatives.  My iPhone was fully charged, the video cam was ready and the photos and videos we have taken

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SnK Updates to 2.9.1


I know this is a wee bit late but, I’ve finally managed to update my blog: Sakura no Kokoro (SnK) to the latest version of Wordpress which is version 2.9.1.

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Improved VIS Downloads Page (Plus Future Site Plans)


I have been using my free time even more productively than I had previously used them… Well, that isn’t saying much considering how many things I have to do, projects that need to be finished, requests that need to be answered, jobs to do, and so forth. Anyways, the lack of updates in this blog is all thanks for having to work diligently at the VIS Downloads Page.

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Sayonara, VIS Forums??


Okay, so, I have posted earlier that everything is now A-OK with the VIS websites. Unfortunately, the forums aka VIS Boards is currently down and possibly would no longer be brought back up in it’s current address.

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