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Guess Who’s Back?

After about three days of staring blankly at my laptop trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with the site, and after calling the attention of the good folks over at JollyWorks Hosting, Sakura no Kokoro and it’s mother site, VIS, is now back online! Yeah!!

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A New Beginning for SnK!

It has been a long time since I updated my theme. And a long while since I last updated the WordPress base installation. A couple of weeks ago, Sakura no Kokoro (or SnK, for short) was still running under the

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Chronicles of Endlessia Teaser Unveiled!

A lot of time and effort was used just to make sure I can show everyone what I want to show them, to tell everyone want I want to tell them, and to let everyone catch a glimpse of the

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Hachibi and Kyuubi! The First Chapter of the Fourth Shinobi War Arc!!

Friday is, as always, Naruto-day… of course, it can also be known as Bleach-day and One-Piece-Day if you are fans of the latter manga series.  Anyways, with friday comes the 467th Chapter of the acclaimed manga series, Naruto, entitled, “Hachibi

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Chapter I: Raindrops in the Sunny Sky

Moon Butterfly

I did not know what to think any more.  I didn’t even know if what I was witnessing, or what I have witnessed was real.  I kept wishing that it wasn’t real but I knew that it was.  I saw

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