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Weekly Shonen Jump Update: Naruto 532 and Bleach 441

Bleach 432

You would have thought that with all that’s happening in Japan right now, that they wouldn’t be able to publicize any of the Japanese manga series that many people are looking forward to.  Well, I think most of us wouldn’t

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Darui’s Technique and Ichigo’s Dollhouse Dilemma!

Darui's Lighting

Even though our VIS Online Manga Viewer was already hosting the most recent chapters of Naruto and Bleach as early as yesterday, I kinda got lazy in making a post about it (after just having written that DC post).  Which

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Naruto 525 and Bleach 434

Bleach 434

Well, it seems that I am still not used to not relying on SleepyFans even when it is already clear that they would no longer scanlate manga.  I have gotten so used to posting WSJ updates that I have forgotten

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Naruto 523 and Bleach 433 Now Up!

After a week of not having any Jump releases, we finally have the newest Naruto and Bleach manga chapters on our servers ready to be read by all who wants to read them. I’ll just post a brief summary of

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479 & 389: WSJ Naruto and Bleach Updates

Weekly Shonen Jump

Friday once again and, it seems that this week is the most eventful week I had in this current year. Although, the year has only just begun so I can’t really say for certain that it is the most eventful week. Anyways, chapter 479th of Naruto entitled, “Izanagi” and chapter 389 of Bleach, entitled, “Winged Eagles 2? is now available for download at the VIS Downloads Page or for reading at the VIS OMV.

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