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Winged: The Unraveling Now Available

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this particular announcement for a while now, and I am as happy and ecstatic as the rest of you guys with this news.  After what seemed to be a road

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Little Updates

Wow, it’s been such a long time since I posted anything here on SnK. Haha, I’ve been so busy with a lot of things that I didn’t have any time left to write new posts and update y’all on what’s

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A New Short Novel

If you guys are following me on Twitter or Facebook, then you probably already know about the short, untitled novel I am working on. Right now, it’s still in the early stages.  It doesn’t even have a title yet.  All

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The Unraveling Cover, Unveiled!

I am thrilled to announce–after weeks worth of delays–that everything is set for Winged: The Unraveling‘s July release date.  But, before we find out what happens next in Gabriel and Freya’s story, I would like to fulfill the promise of

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I know that today is supposed to be the day when I unveil the cover for Winged: The Unraveling.  Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication on my part, that had been pushed back to next week.  I am really sorry about that.  I

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