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Manga and Other Updates

Well, I know I should have posted something after Christmas, but, a lot has happened since that day and we’ve just been back from Manila.

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Finally a Watanuki Update!

I have to say, CLAMP is taking its sweet time in updating their TRC-tie-in manga, xxxHolic.  With this new update, it seems that the xxxHolic universe is not yet ready to open up its curtains for it’s final act.  This

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Haruka and Watanuki's Talk…

So, it would appear that CLAMP is making it quite interesting for us as they seem to plan on making something big from where the story is going.  Hopefully, they won’t 360 the story and make a turn for the

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Watanuki Grants a Wish!

After a couple of weeks of no-“CLAMPdates”, we finally get to see the newest chapter of the TRC sister-manga, xxxHolic.

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xxxHolic 190 and Other Things…

So, although xxxHolic normally updates during Mondays, we have for ourselves right now the newest chapter of the said series.  Like always, it held no title to represent itself.

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