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Welcome to The Library.
This page is dedicated to showcasing all the fan stories–novels, short stories, and one-shots–that I have written over the years.  Here, you can read the story’s synopsis and (if available) a link to where you can read the story itself. Please do not steal these–both the cover art and the story itself–which are both protected by copyright.

Also, please note that these stories have not and have never been proof-read or Beta-read and I uploaded them as soon as I finished writing a chapter…which explains why there may be typographical, grammatical, and other forms of errors.

All the characters portrayed in these fanfictions belong to their original creators–excluding the OCs (Original Characters) that I, myself, have written.  Plot-wise, these are all original stories that I came up with myself.  All the links provided here will take you to FanFiction.Net, unless otherwise stated.

For fanfics written by other authors/fan-fiction writers, head on over to the Fanfiction Library.


Stories about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creator.  It is defined by being both related to its subject’s canonical fictional universe and simultaneously existing outside the canon of that universe.  These are stories where the writers assume that their work is read primarily by other fans, and therefore tend to presume that their readers have knowledge of the canon universe (created by a professional writer) in which their works are based.


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