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Welcome to the Fanfiction Database.  This page is a list of all the fanfiction (fan-made stories) submitted to Sakura no Kokoro.  If you want your fanfiction to be featured here, you can submit the synopsis/summary of your fanfic as well as the chapter.  To learn more on how you can submit your works, head on over to our Contact/Submission page.

 Fan Fiction Listing

Anime/Cartoons Fanfics

Series Fanfic Title Summary Last Updated
The Legend of Korra The Schism A promising engineering student. A mysterious woman capable of controlling the four elements. When their paths crossed, the resulting collision not only changes their lives and themselves, but the fate of the entire world as well. [Korrasami AU] (Available on AO3 and FFN)

FFN: 07/28/15


Digimon Chronicles of Time: Of What the Future Brings A couple of days have passed since the gang returned to the real world. When they thought their adventures were all over, they were wrong. It was only beginning. [Complete] 12/29/04
Digimon Chronicles of Time II: Cyber World If you thought that the fight against the new evil in the Digiworld and the human world is over, guess again. Mysteries will be solved as questions will be answered in the sequel to COT: Of What the Future Brings! [Complete] 12/30/09
Digimon Chronicles of Time III: Another Future Set years after the events of CoT: Cyber World. The Spirit Shinkers’ battle against Chronosmon paved way for a new future. But when the consequences of Yumi’s choice finally unravels. What is in-store for our heroes? Conclusion to the CoT Trilogy. 01/16/14
Digimon The Rabbit on the Moon AU.When the clash of swords echo, the journey chasing the past ends and the journey to know today begins. One soul seeks another and pledges their sworn friendship to another. One mystery begets the next and the doors of fate are opened. [Complete] 09/17/10
Bleach  Shadows of the Netherworld A Bleach Fanfiction that takes place after the aizen arc. Ichigo is in the process of losing his powers.
A strange boy from another country moves to Karakura town and strange things start to happen that have serious consequences, both in the living world and the soul society. Written by Richie Mohanty; Cover by Sakura Martinez.

Movie Fanfics

Movie Fanfic Title Summary Last Updated
Rise of the Guardians Rise of the Fright Knights Pitch’s parting words to Jack and the other Guardians of Childhood during the Battle of Belief held a clear message: The Guardians may have won the battle, but the war was far from over. Now, Pitch is rallying the forces of darkness, calling to arms a dark and sinister group: The Fright Knights. The battle to end the war is underway, but are the Guardians ready? [Complete] 7/27/14
Rise of the Guardians The Lost Spirits Pitch Black has fallen. The Tainted Moonbeams have been purged, cleansed, and returned to their Master. The children have been rescued. But Guardians’ battle is far from over as an ancient being threatens to dominate all of spirit-kind and wrestle the peace and stability that the Man in the Moon had sought for Earth. There is also Pyro Jack and the one promise he intends to keep. 12/8/14
Rise of the Guardians A Push and A Shove The Sandman notices something wrong with Jack and takes it upon himself to give the young Guardian a proper shove to the right direction. Sequel to “Music” but can stand well on its own. [One-shot] [Complete] 3/19/14
Rise of the Guardians At the Beginning Toothiana, Queen of the Toothfairies and Guardian of Memories, wants to know why her Mini Fairies have suddenly been acting strangely. She sends Baby Tooth to uncover the mystery behind it. 3/16/14
Rise of the Guardians Cupid’s Arrow Eros Sureshot, more commonly known as ‘Cupid, the Spirit of Love and Desire’, never had a problem getting someone to fall in love. That was until he met Jack Frost. [Oneshot] [Complete] 3/13/14
Rise of the Guardians Jack Frost and the Eternal Flower The annual Flower Festival is underway and Jack Frost wants to give something special to Toothiana. But with his powers, he is reminded of his inability to do just that. With time running out, what can the Guardian of Fun and Mischief do? 9/22/14
Rise of the Guardians Music The Mini Fairies had learned something about Jack Frost and the Queen of the Toothfairies want to know what it is. Oneshot. Complete. 3/10/14

Book Fanfics

Series Fanfic Title Summary Last Updated
Heist Society  A Friendship Between a Kat and a Thief A collection of one-shots from the Heist Society and Uncommon Criminals books by Ally Carter. Amazingly well-written. This fanfic is posted and hosted on FanFiction.Net.  Written by AMessofPickles; Cover by Sakura Martinez.  1/05/13
Daniel X Daniel X: Game Over Daniel has long accepted what has happened to his friends Dana, Willy, Emma and Joe. But when he is suddenly ambushed by Number 2’s second-in-command, Number 13, the young Alien Hunter finds a big surprise waiting for him. [Complete] 11/18/11
Daniel X Daniel X: Out of Time Sequel to Daniel X: Game Over, told in Dana’s POV. The Prayer is up to something-something big and it all starts when Daniel and Khadagh went missing. Full Summary inside. [Complete] 06/08/12
Daniel X Daniel X: Armageddon After defeating Undinogh and having acquired The Gift from Khadagh, Daniel sets his eyes on the last and most powerful alien outlaw left in The List: his nemesis, The Prayer. Lives will be lost. Friendships will be tested. Full Summary inside. 03/18/14

Television Series Fanfics

Series Fanfic Title Summary Last Updated
NCIS  The Little Things A collection of one-shots and short stories from the hit TV series, NCIS and focusing on Abby and Timmy. Amazingly well-written and one of my favorite fanfics in the web. This fanfic is posted and hosted on FanFiction.Net.  Written by TwistedRocketPower.  11/01/11


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